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Having watched my family experience the difficult process of senior care in managing the health condition of my grandmother, it came naturally to me to be kind & gentle towards seniors by understanding their requirements, listening out to their life-stories, and making things easy to them by understanding their challenges.

I have worked for over 6 years in making life beautiful for the seniors and easy for their families. I was able to conduct needs assessments and tours, guiding families, and their loved ones through this emotional journey.

I worked in management positions in dementia care homes and assisted living facilities. Here, with my knowledge of senior living and empathy for seniors, being a Senior Care Advisor has been very rewarding. I love being able to find the best home possible based on individual health care, financial, and family needs.

You can write us at info.kindlives@gmail.com

I believe in living a simple life and making others' lives simple too. I am a people’s person and love to hear other people's stories. My experience in the healthcare industry for close to 5 years now has given me an opportunity to come across a lot of wonderful people. I feel happy and satisfied when someone in need comes up and says “Thank you for coordinating things for me”. In our busy lives, we need coordinators who manage things on behalf of us and speed up the process. I am happy to be the one who feels satisfied in helping & assisting one in need.

At Kind Lives, I help the team coordinate with the right set of people to make our client’s life easy. The management & coordination can be done by anyone but when done “efficiently” makes a difference.

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We are local senior placement service providers to guide families to find the right senior living care home for their loved one.

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